Our Guitars

Handcrafted in Tasmania

At Tarrant Guitars, we pride ourselves on crafting custom-made guitars from scratch, using only the finest materials available. Unlike lower-end factory guitars, we use all solid tonewood instead of veneers, resulting in an instrument that will only get better with age as it opens up. Our attention to detail extends to our use of timber bindings and bone for the nut and saddle, enhancing both the look and sound of your guitar. Finally, we use nitrocellulose lacquer for a beautiful finish, available in either high gloss or satin. Trust Tarrant Guitars to deliver a one-of-a-kind instrument tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Our Guitars

The most common styles of 6, 8 and 12 string shapes that Tarrant Guitars offer are:

Jumbo (similar to Gibson J 200)


Orchestral Model ( similar to Martin O.M)

L-00 ( similar to Gibson L-00)

000 (similar to Martin 000)

3/4 small body (similar to Mini Martin)

Can’t see the body shape that you are after? More body shape options are available upon request.

Personalised Approach

You have the choice of tonewood used on the following:

Back and sides


Fretboard and bridge

Head stock overlay

Bindings and perflings


Your Choice of Options

Feeling overwelmed by choice? Billy is happy to offer advice and recommendations as to what is suitable to your needs.

Pre-Amp Options

There are also many pickup / preamp options to choose from dependent on what the instrument is, and what its going to be plugged into. K & K, Schatten and Fishman are most commonly used in Tarrant Guitars

Added Options Include

  • Laskin style Arm Bevel
  • Rib bevel
  • Cutaway
  • Sound ports
  • Bound Fretboard
  • Custom inlay work
  • Slot head


Tarrant Guitars also hand crafts a select number of Weissenborn Style hollow neck lap slides each year. Loosly based on the original Hermann Weissenborns of the 1920’s, the “hollow neck” on these instruments are deeper than most standard Weissenborns, with the intention to bring even more depth and tone out of an already “big” sound.


Looking for a guitar that’s truly one-of-a-kind?

You can now purchase Tarrant Guitars in stores and online! Billy takes full creative control to build instruments to his own specifications and desires, resulting in unique guitars that are unlike any other.

Tarrant guitars occasionally have “builders choice”guitars in stock. These are guitars Billy builds to his own specifications and are for sale by contacting Billy directly.

To enquire and receive an up to date email of guitars in stock click the link below.

Each Tarrant guitar is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, combining various elements such as timber, size, and bracing to create an instrument that’s truly unique.

Owning a Tarrant guitar means you’ll have a lifelong instrument that’s as unique as you are.

Our Repair Service

Tarrant Guitars offers a wide range of repair services to guitars including:

Set ups

Fret level and dress

Re- frets

Crack repairs

Bridge re-glue

Brace re-glue

Neck resets



Pickup installations