Tarrant Guitars

The custom workshop of award winning Luthier Billy Tarrant on the North West Coast  of Tasmania, Australia, uses locally and internationally sourced solid tone woods to create a wide range of custom guitars, including acoustic, electric, lap steel guitars, and specialty instruments, showcasing his passion for superior tone and structural integrity.

Tasmanian Custom Built & Designed


Every instrument is custom made to the clients needs and desires. Tarrant Guitars are built like a tailor made suit, to fit the player. 

Ethically sourced materials

All timbers used in Tarrant Guitars workshop is aquired through trusted and environmentally concious sources including FSC certified and salvaged tonewoods.  


The instrument is built completely in house, from scratch to finished product, and the client recieves regular photos and updates along the build journey. 

Who we are

Handcrafted in Tasmania

Creating guitars by hand is a dying art form and one I am proud to give my energy to; to keep it alive. Each Guitar built is a journey that is made up of so many different little processes that all comes together at the finish line, and there is no better feeling than when you hear the first few chords strummed on a new guitar you have just spent 160 hours working on. It is really incredibly rewarding.  


Our Guitars

A focus on Acoustic

Acoustic Guitars are offered in 4 string Tenor 6, 8 and 12 string models in a variety of body shapes and tonewood combinations.  

Quality Electrics 

Electric guitars are offered in a variety of styles and hardware options, including resonator.

Bouzouki Process

Billy also makes a pretty mean 8 string flat back Irish bouzouki as played by Aria award winner Australian musician Jeff Lang. 


Billy also makes a pretty mean 8 string flat back Irish bouzouki as played by Aria award winner Australian musician Jeff Lang. 

Locally Sourced Material

Tarrant Guitars are custom-made with High- Quality materials including all solid – tonewoods, specialising in the world class timbers that Tasmania has to offer including Blackwood, Myrtle, Huon Pine and Black heart Sassafras. Quite often Billy is dealing directly with the person who has salvaged the timber and can tell you the story behind each piece of highly sort after timber in the workshop.

Custom Dream Guitar

Building a custom guitar involves making choices around body shape, timber, bindings, neck size, scale length, inlays, and more, resulting in a unique and personalized instrument that is built to fit the player.

All Shapes and Sizes

Billy makes a diverse range of high-quality guitars including acoustic, electric, lap steel, and ukuleles, using locally and internationally sourced solid tonewood, and is known for his attention to detail, structural integrity, and superior tone.